Chlöe Bailey Just Had a Career-Making Performance at the 2021 MTV VMAs

Chlöe Bailey made her debut as a solo performer at the 2021 MTV VMAs—and what a debut it was. 

The 23-year-old expertly performed her song “Have Mercy” dressed in a stunning pink get-up and flanked by dancers. Naturally, she matched them step for step, executing her moves like a seasoned pro. It was giving Britney and Beyoncé; a serve of the highest degree. 

As for the aesthetic? Bailey started the Halloween season early with spooky backdrops and lighting—theatrics that would make both Lady Gaga and Disturbia-era Rihanna proud. 

Something about the performance just felt special—like an artist coming into her own in front of the world. Twitter users agreed, with so many fans taking to the platform to praise Bailey’s set (plus Doja Cat and Normani, who also crushed their numbers during the show). 

Chlöe Bailey’s debut solo album is coming soon. She’s previously made music with her sister, Halle, as the duo Chlöe x Halle. On the differences between making music with her sister and alone, she told Billboard, “When my sister and I create, we don’t try to dim the other’s light, so the creative process for me has been exactly the same. Now it’s just me in my bedroom. But it was a little scary in the beginning, because [I was used to] having Halle be there to ask, ‘Is this sounding good?’ Having her sign of approval meant so much to me. Now I have to be my own voice and be proud and confident in what I bring to the table.” 

When asked if this makes her feel more pressure, she said, “I don’t feel pressure when it comes to awards and accolades—I feel pressure with making myself proud and making sure that I’m saying and singing the things that I want to say and sing. I’m not going to lie [and say] that it doesn’t go through my mind, like, ‘I hope people like this sound from me, because it’s different from what me and my sister do together.’ Other than that, as long as I’m walking in my light and my purpose, I’m OK.”

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